How to save water

We all know that climate change is a fact, it is constantly mentioned on TV, radio, newspapers, among others. Media is in charge of reminding us every single day. But here comes the question, what can we do as individuals, it is possible that one single person changes the world, I don’t think so… can lots of people change it, maybe.

Let’s go bit by bit. Water waste

Certainly, water conservation has become essential in all regions, even where water seems abundant. That’s because our water resources are finite, and they are getting smaller every year.

Today, 771 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water and 1.7 billion people – 1 in 4 – does not have a toilet.


Find out some simple tips that will help you, not only to save money, but also water.

1. Don’t use the toilet as an ashtray or litter! Every time you flush a cigarette butt, facial tissue, or other small bit of trash, you’re wasting litres of water. Put them in the garbage, or better yet, recycle.

2. Toilet leaks can be silent! Put a little food colouring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the colour begins to appear in the bowl within 30 minutes, you have a leak that should be repaired immediately. Check once per year.

3. Home-made solution! Put plastic bottles or a float booster in your toilet tank. To cut down on water waste, put an inch or two of sand or pebbles inside each of two plastic bottles. Fill the bottles with water, screw the lids on, and put them in your toilet tank, safely away from the operating mechanisms.

4. Buy an adjustable toilet flapper. It will allow for adjustment of each per flush use; the user can adjust its rate to the minimum per flush setting that achieves a single good one each time.

5. BEST! Install Composting Toilets. If you have the chance and the place, this solution is the most effective way to cut water waste from your bathroom since they require no water at all! Better still, they keep all the nutrients and pollutants out of waterways and make them available for use in non-food landscapes.

6. CLASSIC! Take shorter showers. Limit your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down and rise off.

7. Install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors. They are easy to fix, and most importantly, your showers will still be cleansing and refreshing.

8. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.

9. When washing the dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running for rinsing.

10. Don’t let the faucet run while you clean vegetables. Just rinse them in a stoppered sink or a pan of clean water.



water waste


All our new collections are made with natural or recycled fibers, why?

The fashion industry is highly polluting. According to WWF, it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce the cotton needed for a single T-shirt. However, organic cotton—which is generally produced without synthetic chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides—is a whole other world. The Soil Association says it only uses 243 liters compared to normal. For this reason, more and more brands have introduced the use of natural fibers. 

Firstly, most organic cotton is grown on small farms, which tend to use rainwater and not so much irrigation systems. Also, since you don’t use pesticides and fertilizers, you don’t need as much water.

Moreover, it does not imply that the crop is transgenic, which generally requires more water; in turn, by working on soil without pesticides, the process saves water. In fact, 95% of the water used to grow organic cotton is ecological water (from rain or stored on the land itself). 

In addition, reduces water pollution levels by 98% according to a 2011 Water Footprint report, since synthetic substances such as pesticides and fertilizers are not used. 

As well, according to Textile Exchange, this type of fiber generates 46% less greenhouse gases than traditional cotton crops for the simple fact of not using fertilizers and pesticides —which emit nitrogen dioxide— and not using as many mechanized agricultural practices. As result, the soil acts as a “carbon store”, since it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. 



If you would like further information, check out: Sustainability 

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